Problems with School Violence

Any action that results in harm and psychological stress to the students inside a school is called school violence. It may be either bullying by senior or other dominating students in the school or teasing or physical abuse or even an abuse by the teacher. Yes teachers too have their share in school violence. If they give excessive punishments to the children with a reason that it is to correct the mistakes of the students then it is also a form of school violence. This is because the students become terrified and develop huge amounts of psychological stress and fear whenever they are compelled to go to school by their parents. The problems associated with school violence are far too many.


School is the place where the young children learn each and every aspect of a proper attitude, knowledge, skills and also the importance of having a good name in the society. But when the students become terrified of a school atmosphere and they refuse to go to their schools then the very purpose of school is out of proportion. This is the major problem associated with school violence. The child develops a psychological fear and never grows up to a normal human being.


Such children are never in their elements and they will never in their entire life use their potentials and skills to the maximum level. This is a very serious problem faced by many parents and students across the globe where children are not ready to accept school as a safe place and also a divine place. Children of these kinds live in a world of their own and are confined to a dark zone from which they will never be able to dig themselves out. These children are mainly the results of severe bullying or physical abuse by other students in the school.


Abuse by teachers in the school is also a form of school violence as stated earlier. The result of such abuse from teachers can have the same impact as that of the children abused by other students. However in previous case the affected students have greater chances of recuperating. But in this case where teachers are a reason for school violence then the students will never come out of it. They believe in the fact that all other schools are just the same and our life is over. Pretty much severe than the bullying form of violence, teachers should take care not to go overboard in their dealings with children.


The problem of the bully child in the near future will be that he tends to have the same attitude even in the outside world which will be never tolerated by others unlike the school atmosphere. So chances of that bully child to get beaten up or affected very badly in the outside world are so high that he will create a bad name for himself as well as his family. The problems with school violence are not confined with the students alone. Teachers, parents and all others related with the affected students have problems which have many adverse effects.