Without doubt, improve in technology in recent years has by far make life more meaningful to the people across the globe. On the contrary, same improvement has so much occupied people to the extent that they hardly have time for themselves, children and spouse. Consequently, children being what they are now living in a free world with little or no control. They keep bad friends and indulge in unimaginable and indecent acts. If the trend is allowed to continue longer than this, the future of our children and the nation are doubtful. Students therefore require adequate and timely attention for peace to reign in our schools and outside.


Violence Hindrance:   Hamilton Fish Prevention Institute is established primarily as a resource center for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of violent activities as it occurs for mental health services ,which is put in place to be working upon any problems as regard the health of children most importantly the ones that has to do with fear on school violence.


Anti Bullying Programs: It is also refers to as Bulling Prevention designed specially to assist the bullied victims. As the point of reference is school and member of staff working in school, hence encourage the participation of most students. We also have many more systems that specialize on conflict management with its motto that says: To develop emotional and social skills.


Crises Response Planning:  To effectively prevent violence in school, there should be adequate planning. National Associations of School Psychologists specifically works for the promotion and enhancement of the school environment. The tools it uses to achieve this including but not limited to optimal learning, independence and so on. By this, conducive learning atmosphere within the students, with communities, schools and agencies that has links with education and private individual is guaranteed so as to provide a safe and well secured learning environments with the sole aim of preventing school violence.


Threats Evaluations:  The united State secret service has gone on research  to know how the culprits on school violence think and generally behave. The major point of reference is to make available timely and relevant information to the school authorities, teachers, legal professionals and many more persons or group so as to prompt school violence.


Crises Response Model Plans. Education department in Virginia has come up with a summary on crises planning designed to be made operational by various schools. The plans cover procedures, policies and certain adjustable forms. About 80 schools discreet receive support from the Los Angeles office for education, sage school centre.