As the scourge of school violence is increasingly problematic across the globe, the United States is worse heated of all. So many lives have lost and many more injured in the name of this school menace. Just like yesterday, the Virginia Tech horror, the Columbine High School bloodsheds and the mindless disaster recorded in Bath School will remain evergreen in the mind of the Americans.


Unlike the past when schools were handling complaints with levity or even turning deaf ear to school violence completely, the case of Billy Wolfe had forced the schools to sit tight and wake up to its responsibilities. Billy Wolfe, a student of high school was used to be harassed and battered by another two of his school mate. Billy’s parents having being fully aware of the mal-treatment being melted on their child reported the case to the parents of these notorious boys without any meaningful impact. They proceeded to the school with same complaints without any solution. In frustration and anger, they headed to court in order to seek injunctions to stop the injustice. At the end of the preceding the court gave its judgment in favor of Billy and the judge expressly stated that it is the primary duty of the school to take settles the case long before it reached the court.


Nowadays, schools are now very sensitive to anything relating to school violence having learned the hard way. It is interesting to note that schools are not just listening to complaints, they take corresponding action subsequently. More interesting again is that schools are no longer comfortable with being reactive; they are now taking steps to be proactive as the best way of dealing with school violence.


As part of education, schools have assumed the responsibilities of:

  1. Teaching students positive behavioral attitudes.
  2. Teaching the benefit of developing habit of reading, traveling, etc.
  3. Teachers are trained and retrained on the best ways to impact students.


Better still, officials from anti-bullying police can as well be appointed by the school administrators. They specifically focus on school violence and they preempt every negative activity in our schools.


School guards are as well trained and retrained against school violence. Their watchword is to report any suspicious activities of students within and outside the school premises to the appropriate quarters.


If schools had being this aggressive to eliminate school violence, if parents can as well be leading a similar front from home side, school violence would have long become history. Going to court is definitely not the best option as the issue at hand requires urgency, court preceding on the other hand can even take years to get a verdict.


In the final analyses, neither parents nor the school can combat school violence alone, meanwhile the combination of the two will inevitably address the situations. The children should be made to know that violence of any kind is destructive and often cut life short. By so doing, they focus more on career building through hardworking and diligence.