Fight to make your school safer


3 years ago, a terrifying incident took place in a secondary school of rural America. A 13- year old boy from Missouri fired an assault rifle at his school mate inside the school compound. Most of the people are well familiar with the fact that assault rifles fell in the category of deadly weapons and are generally used in the Warfield.   It’s really hard to understand how a 13 year old boy accessed one such lethal weapon. 
It is just one of the few incidences that took place in the last one decade within the political borders of U.S.   Few legal steps have been taken by the court as well as the Federal Department after the execution of Columbia High School massacre in the year 1999.  But still, immediate steps were not taken in order to curb the access to lethal weapons. 
Later, the issue was also raised in a presidential conference. The conclusion extracted from the meeting was that it is imperative to involve all the “stakeholders” in order to regain an appropriate solution.  Here the word “stakeholders” was referred to those who were directly or indirectly getting persuaded by the incidences of school violence. They demanded for an active participation of students, parents, school officials and police. 
It is important that everyone should participate in the battle of making schools a safer place to learn and develop.  There are many ways to combat school violence. Practicing school crisis plans can be a decisive step in that direction. Fire drills are an inevitable part of elementary and secondary school routine. Effective training can be provided to the students in order to combat the state of emergency. It is also important to vigil those students who are proving to be suspicious by their behavior.  If they are in a serious trouble and need help then provide the same immediately before they pick up a weapon and attack others. 
According to experts, approximately 3 out of 4 shooters never plan a massacre intentionally but in severe mental distress. They even reveal some clues in advance. All that  is required is to take such notifications carefully and act wisely.   If a child gets an idea that situation is getting dangerous day by day then it is best to inform about the same to his/her teacher. Teachers can even seek the help of law enforcement if required. Legal actions can be taken instantly if children are preparing for gang violence or shoot out.   If the behavior of the child is observed to be psychologically unstable then immediate assistance of a professional medical consultant can be taken. 
Yes, it is absolutely right that school safety is one of the major challenges of modern era. We cannot keep the future and lives of the children at stake. Without active and responsible participation of all the associates, it is certainly not possible to make schools 100% safe but if we take all the aspects seriously then certainly a better future is waiting for us ahead.