Make your School safe by fighting back

Controlling school violence maybe tough but not impossible. The students, teachers, parents and the school authorities can actively participate in tackling violence at school. Timely and appropriate action must be taken to prevent school violence so as to make schools a safer place.


A terrifying incident occurred in a secondary school of rural America three years back. A school boy was shot with an assault rifle inside the school by a 13-year old boy from Missouri. Most people are very well aware that assault rifles are a type of deadly weapons and they are generally used in Warfield. It’s a hard fact to understand as to how the boy got access to such lethal weapon.


This incident is one of the few incidents that occurred during the past one decade within the political borders of the United States. The court as well as the Federal Department has taken some legal steps after the occurrence of Columbia High School assassination which took place in the year 1999.


The issue was also discussed in a presidential conference later on. The meeting came up with a solution and stated that the involvement of all “stakeholders” was imperative in order to come up with an appropriate solution. Here “stakeholders” meant the people who were indirectly or directly getting persuaded by the school violence incidences. Active participation was demanded from the students, teachers, parents and the police.  


One should actively participate in the battle of making schools a place where kids can learn and develop safely. There are numerous ways to fight back school violence. The practice of school crisis plans can be a crucial step in combating school violence. In order to fight back an emergency state effective training must be provided to the students. It is also very important to keep an eye on the student who is behaving in an unusual manner. If the students seem to be in a serious trouble and needs help then move ahead to help the student. Help should be provided immediately before the student picks up any weapon and starts attacking others.


Experts believe that approximately every 3 out of 4 shooter never intend to assassinate anyone. Assassination is usually done under severe mental distress. The students also reveal some clues before the happening of any incident. It is very important to take those notifications seriously and act accordingly. If a child notices that the situation is getting out of control with every passing day then he/she needs to inform the teachers about it immediately. If required, teachers can even take help of law enforcement. In case children are preparing for shootout or gang violence then legal law action can be immediately taken against them. If a child shows signs of being psychologically unstable then he must be immediately taken to a professional medical consultant.


It is true that the safety of schools today is a major challenge. We cannot risk the lives and future of the children. Eradicating violence from school is not possible unless the associates participate actively and responsibly. We can make schools 100% safe if all the aspects are taken seriously and appropriate action is taken accordingly.