Violent crimes in school

There are numerous ways to prevent rise of criminal tendency among kids. To help the nation progress as a whole, its children must be protected from developing criminal attitude.


The history of United States of America is full of incidents of violence at schools. Numerous violent crimes have been committed in the past by the students in their schools. The internet is full of such information about incidents of school violence and about the crimes committed in schools by the students. Thus internet can be great source of such information.


What exactly is school violence?


Any act of violence committed in schools is school violence. This includes fighting with fellow schoolmates, teachers and principals etc, bullying or threatening other children, rape, theft and harassment. Apart from troubling other kids, such behavior disturbs school atmosphere as well. Other children are scared from going to school due to students who indulge in violence in school.


The onus of reducing violent attitude in students lies with the schools. The school’s credibility is under question if it is unable to      curb violent behavior among kids. Thus sincere efforts must be made by the schools in order to eliminate violent crimes. However this thing is quite difficult but some steps can be taken by schools in this direction:


  1. Love and affection: Violent attitude in students cannot be controlled by giving them any medicine. However, it can be reduced by providing them proper care, love and affection. To eliminate violence, love and care constitute the best treatment.                                                                                                                                  
  2. Counseling: Kids must be given proper counseling. Either the parents or the teachers can provide the necessary counseling. Professional counselors can also be employed by the schools to curb the menace of school violence. Training can be provided to the professionals to provide right kind of guidance and assistance to the kids. Even the parents and teachers can be supported by the professionals in dealing with the issue. Such counselors must be appointed regularly.                               
  3. Provide them support during difficult times: The children might end up being violent if they are not supported in case of need. They too need help at times and it’s the duty of parents and teachers to help them resolve issues when they are unable to do so.                                                                                                                        
  4. Addiction to fame: The desire of becoming famous can be a source of violent attitude among kids. Teachers and parents must teach them about better ways of becoming famous instead of picking up violence.                                                                                
  5. Anger management and conflict resolution classes: To help the students control their anger and resolve their conflicts, anger management and conflict resolution classes need to be organized by the schools.                                                                         
  6. Meditation: Violent behavior can be controlled effectively by meditation. It helps the body and mind to relax. After meditating one feels healthy and energetic. Thus students must be taught meditation to avail the above benefits.


The onus of shaping future of children lies with our schools. The child, his/her parents and the whole nation depend directly on the future of the child. There can be better growth in the nation if its children are healthy, strong and have the right type of behavior.