How to avoid the start of school violence?


It is quite common to find various stories related to school violence in various newspapers. Not just that, you can even find very easily various news related to crimes committed by students. But what is the reason behind this? Why such incidences are increasing in number day by day? Tragedies like Columbine or Virginia Tech are enough to compel people to take this matter as very serious and to take steps to prevent it. Here we are going to look at some ways to avoid the start of school violence.
It is a fact that everybody wants to protect his child from any type of harm. However school violence is one such activity that is to some extent beyond control of most of the parents. It is one such activity that frightens parents and even teachers. At present, people agree to the fact that school environments are not safe enough and becoming dangerous place day by day. But this problem needs to be solved almost immediately in order to avoid any type of hazardous activity in schools. For this, parents and even teachers should take certain measures and provide proper guidance to their children. 
Nowadays it is quite common to see students intimidate teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and people in schools in order to show their strong personality among others. Violence in the school occurs not only in the class but also outside the class like in hallways, school buses and even in the cafeterias.
In order to avoid school violence, the school administration should take proper measures like appointing full time guards for security purposes and employing safety measures like metal detectors for detecting any type of weapons that students can carry with them for harming anyone.
Studies reveal that once a student becomes violent then he routinely frightens teachers and even fellows without any fear. Many students even don’t attend classes regularly and then at last threatens teachers to mark their attendance on absent days. Such types of activities show that schools are now getting unsafe for children and even staff members.
Problem is not in students but in school’s staff members also. Some schools put a very great pressure of studies on the students by giving it the name of discipline. This practice is wrong and should be stopped immediately. Also parents are advised to check whether school administration is performing such type of pressurized activities on students. The behavior of teachers should be impressive in order to provide cool and healthy environment for studies.
It is also advised that parents should check the regular activities of their children. After understanding what their child requires, it would become easier to help them. If parents want to make future of their children then they should not fight at home as it will put adverse effect on students and they will do the same in schools.
Parents along with teachers check the condition of students regularly so as to provide them better solution for their incoming future. School administration should conduct parent-teacher meeting regularly in order to understand the problems of students closely. With the joint efforts, it is sure to keep a check on the problem of school violence.