Keeping an eye out for school violence

School violence issue is important and one cannot neglect it. This is an issue that requires proper attention as children are involved in it. Children are the future of the country and if they are becoming violent then it is serious concern for the country. So a proper check should be done on school violence.
School violence includes activities like bullying, gang war, theft, vandalism, fighting in school and using of weapons in school etc. Children who are involved in school violence are not only hampering their studies but they hamper the whole atmosphere of the school. They disturb the studies of other school students as well. They bully other students and it is due this reason other students stop coming to schools.

Reasons for students getting violent-
• Home atmosphere- -home is considered to be the first school of the children and if a child is not getting proper love and affection in his/her first school then the chances of becoming violent are too much. If the parents of the child are constantly fighting and beating each other then he/she will lean this violence and as a result child becomes violent. They cannot show this violence at home so they show it in the school over other children.
• Stress and depression- if a child is suffering from severe depression and stress then also he/she can become violent.
• Company- if a child is having friends who are violent or if he/she is a part of the violent group then the child will become violent too. It is a known fact that company affects a lot.

Children’s getting violent at such a small age is a big issue. But few steps can help you a lot in reducing their violent behavior-
• Love and affection- if you know that your child is a part of school violence or if he/she is having violent behavior then try to give him love, affection and compassion in proper manner. There is no medicine that can reduce this violent behavior, only love and affection is the best medicine for it.
• Support the child- try to spend more time with the child and give proper guidance, assistance and support in their difficulties.
• Help in coming out of depression- if the child is suffering from stress and depression then try to have a word with him/her. Help the child and give proper support.
• Counselors and psychiatrists- if you are unable to take out the children from depression or stress then take the help of Counselors and psychiatrists. They understand child psychology very well and can guide you a lot.
• Appointing psychiatrist or counselors on regular basis- school can appoint a psychiatrist or counselors on regular basis and they can do regular check up of the children. This check up can detect the violent behavior of the child. As a result they can help in curing this absurd behavior of child.

So by adopting above methods one can easily reduce the violent behavior of the children.