Decrease School Violence with Subjects

Violent activities inside a school campus are common these days. Students these days are so bold enough to carry even a gun or a knife to schools with an intention of terrifying other students. Sadly their motive might be just to terrify other students but circumstances make them use these weapons to the extremes. This is not the fault of the students entirely. It is because of the system and the school administration. If the school administration was strict and correct in checking all the activities of the children like what they bring, what they do etc can very well help in eliminating such actions. The educational system has a key role in reducing school violence as well.


The proper use of counseling and subjects related to the importance of children learning to stay away from unnecessary activities has to be incorporated into their curriculum. In this regard the government has to be commended because they have implemented many subjects which teach the students to develop a proper attitude in order to have a bright career. The name given to the subject is Moral science which cites many real life stories explaining the importance of having a good character. This subject also deals with certain qualities like virtue, gratitude, honesty etc.


I am sure most of you would be aware of this subject and most schools have this subject in their syllabus as well. But one important thing that most people are unaware of is about SBMH. SBMH is nothing but School Based Mental Health services which deals with teaching the students on how to develop a calm and composed mind and exterior. SBMH was started about a decade ago and it has resulted in a drastic decrease in the number of instances of school violence. This SBMH is decisive in reducing the instances of school violence because it helps students grasp an idea about the ill effects of school violence in an entertaining manner. This subject is one form of counseling where each and every student will be dealt individually and in groups as well.


The activities in SBMH include the children going on rallies and explaining the aftermaths of school violence to other students as well. This form of education must be included in the syllabus of each and every school in the country. This will not only help in reducing school violence but also help in preventing the onset of any forms of violence inside the school because when the students are absolutely perfect then there is no chance of school violence. SBMH has proved to be very successful in many schools and it has resolved many issues related with violent children.


The school authorities need not be concerned about hiring a professional in teaching this subject. There are many organizations which give free sessions on request of the school authorities. So each and every school should strive to bring this particular subject into their curriculum in order to have a safer school atmosphere. This is highly recommended for schools which have student strengths of more than thousand.