School violence is so growing at an alarming rate to the extent that everybody is now worrying about it. To this effect, parents are conscious of sending their children to school to avoid untimely death of the wards in the name of school violence. This is not limited to one country, but steadily throwing the entire globe into panic.

These children are not just taking to violence overnight; something must prompt them into such as they naturally demonstrate the already absorbed violent manners in the various schools. What then are the reasons for the school violence?


1.          Over-ambition:  Most students are so crazy to be popular amongst their contemporaries. This can be achieved either by positive or negative means. On the positive side, one may be excelled in ones studies, sports or affluence. Those on the negative side does not in most cases belong to the aforementioned, hence they opted for the cheapest means through radicalism which inevitably grow into school violence.

2.          Loneliness:  Those children that fall into this category are nursing a sense of inferiority complex among others. They feel they are not receiving enough care, love or affection they deserve from their parents, teachers and colleagues, so they become hostile as a result of the rejections.

3.          Discouragement, Depressions, Discontentment, Anxiety and Stress:  When all or any of these are combined in any student, the resultant effect could lead to violent in school.

4.          Lack of Counselor and guidance to point way forward to the children at every point in time can also responsible for student unrest.

5.          Media Report/Coverage:   The media has its own portion of blame when discussing the reasons for violence in school. Rather than being the agent of socialization and enlightenment through its report and coverage, it indulges in showing unethical films and after the children have watched these, they in turn possess with the urge to demonstrate it.

6.          The Government is not left out on when shifting blames on the issues at stake. Government has failed in its duties to control arms and ammunition through stringent laws and policies.


To bring the social menace to the barest minimum the children, parents, teachers and Government are therefore called upon to wake up to their duties through the following:

a.        Both teachers and parents should relate closely with their student and children as the case may be. By so doing, the kid would be free enough to divulge and relate with them informally.

b.        Let the teachers and parents teach their kids ethics and moral upbringing as most children do things out of ignorance.

c.        Government should regulate the movement and license of weapons within certain age brackets. It should also to the full implementation of the rules and regulations in this regard, with the corresponding punishment as deterrent.

d.       Parents should keep an eagle eye on the kind of games and films they are watching and the friends they keep per time. By so doing, they will in turn influence their kids positively.


If all the mentioned points are strictly adhered to, the children will change for better and society becomes safer to live and brighter future is guaranteed for the children.