The problem of violence in schools

Today’s news articles are replete with items and articles related to school violence.  It may lead one to ask why it happens and why is it happening almost every day?


Myriad reasons exist for the causes of school violence.  Surprisingly incidences of school violence are on the uptrend.  The schools in past decades had little or no incidence of school violence,  and in comparison with today’s youth, perhaps the youth of today are facing a different set of problems.  One of these problems is the ability to cope with high expectations which can lead to frustration and stress and later on to violence manifested on school grounds.


The school violence that is being described here includes actions such as slapping, bullying, punching, rape and use of weapons.  The use of weapons by students on other students results in plenty of physical injuries and likewise mental and emotional injury.  Some of these violent students have even resulted to murdering teachers, students, administrators and staff through the use of these weapons like revolvers and knives.


Violence is made not in-born.  Should a child become violent it is a result of certain circumstances.  Violent attitudes are usually the result of a home lacking in care, love and compassion and support. Severe depression, stress and anxiety are cause for the development of a violent attitude.  However, other cause exists like peer pressure, lack of guidance in difficulties, the prolific showing of violent movies in media are believed to be factors in causing violent attitudes. Add to this also the seeming indifference of schools and teachers against violent attitudes and also teacher’s lack of compassion to children with problems.


The violent attitude in a child can be lessened however with some remedial steps.  Websites aplenty provide tips and methods and strategies in dealing with guidance and counselling issues.  It is just a matter of connecting to the internet and typing in School Violence in the search bar to get the articles required, whether it be for parent, school or teacher.          This is one way in which those concerned can be proactive in solving this problem using technology and information.


A proper check on violence in schools should be done so as to protect the children of now for they are the hope for the future.