Violence in Columbine School


The frequency of violence happening in schools of the United States of America is on the higher side and it has increased by at least two folds in the recent past. The reasons for such high rates of violence in schools which were considered to be one of the safest places for children are because of the kids developing an arrogant attitude and a liking towards hurting other fellow beings. One such incident depicting the ugly act of violence in schools is the Columbine High School tragedy which happened in the year 1999 in Colorado, United States of America.
It was a fine sunny afternoon in Columbine High School and the atmosphere was seemingly quiet than usual just like the same calmness experienced before a storm. Suddenly from nowhere two students came out firing bullets on all those who were in the vicinity of the school ground. The students were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and the date was April 20. Their shooting spree killed nearly 13 people, twelve of them were fellow students and the other victim was one of their staffs. They also injured twenty three other innocent victims who were inside the school campus at the same time when the incident took place. And finally they shot themselves in order to save their faces. This terrible incident left wounds which will probably never heal.
A detailed investigation was carried out on this incident and there were many astonishing findings. It came to be known that the two students were victims of constant physical and verbal abuse by their fellow classmates, seniors and staffs as well. These students were not happy with such a treatment and they wanted to show the world about their hatred towards others in the same environment. Now the problem is not really about those students killing innocent victims. The real problem is the root causes for school violence and other factors like easy access to weapons by students.
If you see carefully, those students would have possibly never been in the fray; had they been left on their own without being harassed or mistreated. They would have by now earning a healthy sum for their family. Another disturbing thing is the access these students gained to weapons. Perhaps there could not have been such a severe incident if the students had not gained access to guns and other harmful equipments with such dexterity. These factors have to be watched very closely in order to safeguard your children from being victims of school violence and also to prevent a violent child from breaking out.
The Columbine High School incident was one of the many number of cases of school violence in the United States of America. The Bath School tragedy that happened way back in 1927 is one of the first reported cases of school violence. The recent incident would be the Virginia Tech massacre in the year 2007. If this matter is not discussed seriously then schools will never be the same in the near future.