Details about school violence


It is a matter of great concern that violence among students is increasing day by day in most of the schools. If no one takes care about this problem then it is sure it is going to yield very harmful results. Any activity of violence can bring trouble for the students as well as for the staff. The mistake behind school violence is not a particular person’s mistake rather it comprises of a serious of events and people who are somehow related to the student. It is a fact that school is a sacred place where students get knowledge, proper guidance that helps them to become good human beings. But now-a-days this definition is getting changed. Now the competition is quite tougher among students; as a result most of the students get frustrated soon either from the fellows or from the teachers even in a small matter.  
Some people think that school violence originates from the school but it is a wrong fact. The roots of school violence can originate from school or even from the home. May be violence can occur from the fear of failure in examination, teacher’s harsh behavior and even from the behavior of classmates in class .The motto is not to find out the origin but to find out the cure. It is important to find the answer of this question that how the school violence can be cured? This question is of great concern and needs help of both the parents and teachers. If both of them understand the problem of students and talk to them effectively in order to cure the particular problem, then such type of issues can be prevented easily.
Most of the schools do not take any type of security measures in order to prevent such type of incidents. It is wrong and steps should be taken to keep a check on that. In order to avoid such type of activities, schools are required to have proper security arrangements. Schools must have arrangements to check weapons so as to prevent any accident. Also a proper record should be maintained to keep an eye on everyone who is entering the school. A proper register should be there at the place of entrance of the school where everyone entering and leaving the school has to sign under the presence of the security guard. This will put a psychological pressure on the minds of the students and they will think twice before bringing any weapon to school.
Also provision should be there to have cameras on the main points so as to keep an eye on everyone’s activity. So as the most crucial step, the schools should have proper security arrangements like metal detectors, guard facility and other types of security measures that can check the incidences of violence. Such types of arrangements prevent students or any other person to enter with weapons.
Besides the school security arrangements, parents are also required to keep an eye on their children’s activities. Parents should talk regularly with their children in order to understand what is going on their mind. After getting the problem, they need to solve their problems without giving any type of stress. Everybody knows that home is the first school of child. So if proper guidance and support will be there then activities like school violence can be prevented easily.