The newspaper has been making some meaningful reports on any acts of violence in our school system. Meanwhile, violence does not just occur on its own accord, rather, something must have prompted its occurrence. This among others could be as a result of depressiveness, sense of loneliness for whatever reason and bullying on the part of one student or the other. Any of the above reasons, at full manifestation could prompt students to be on defensive mission, in frustration, begin to shoot indiscriminately killing whoever and eventually take his own life. As the school violence is on the rise all over the world, some calculated steps should be taken to proactively arrest the situations.


Interestingly, none of parents, students, staff members or even government can successfully fight school violent in isolation. Rather, the fight should be collective round about this enemy called the school violence. The security in the school premises should be beefed up by recruiting well trained guards from security companies. As some of the guards are placed strategically at the vulnerable areas, routine movements and physical check ups should be carried out. Such places include school entries and exits, cafeteria, hallways, playgrounds and so on.


Whatsoever that can trigger violence should not be handled with levity. Issues such as arguments, bullying, fighting or threaten should be immediately reported along with the concern students. In some instances, the guards should be empowered to deal with any students cut in the acts even as they made their reports to the managements. The suspected lonely, depressed or frustration student should be taken to the school authority for questioning, possible assistance and control.


With good understanding, parents can exchange their contact number with the guard so they can report any acting of violence or misbehavior directly to the parents. Parent can then take up the matter at home front with love and comparison, the student can change his/her ways.


Besides, students can on their own report any acts of bullying or harassments from their colleagues to the security guards. Having done this, the students feel more secured before the security guard.


Where a student demonstrates his/her aggressiveness by weapons, it is the duty of the already trained security to maneuver and over power the culprit to collect such weapon before untold havoc escalates. As violence gains more grounds in our schools, the services of guards are inevitable to ensure peace in the schools.