School Violence and its Impacts on Society

School violence is becoming a global issue in every part of the world. United States of America is facing a dire situation as the future people of the country is tangling into more school violence day by day. It is not only hampering a child’s life but also creating severe concern between parents, teachers, school and other authorities alike. As children are the pillar of a nation, educating them in the correct manner is a must. But situations like this are destroying the basic education system of any nation. Future students are afraid of taking part in the system as it is gradually becoming a risky situation as the authorities are having difficulty in stopping the effect completely.


The scars created from school violence can have never ending effect on students. The effects of the violence not only have physical effects but can also mentally torture a child for ages without proper help and guidance. For example, a student who is constantly bullied physically and mentally by his/her fellow schoolmate via violent activities will greatly hamper the student’s eagerness to come to the school on a regular basis, as he/she will be afraid of the situation he/she will have to face every day. These fears develop rapidly which changes which mentality towards a healthy and bright future.


The most heinous and noticeable act of school violence occurred in the year 1999 at the Columbine High School in the state of Colorado in the United States of America where two mild mannered less aggressive students started a killing spree as they took the law in their hand to kill the people who were responsible in making their school life miserable. The names of the two boys were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris respectively. They killed twelve of their schoolmates and a teacher and also injured twenty three others as they continued the massacre before committing suicide. This case is now used as a reminder in every part of the world as how abused children might turn out, if pushed to the limit.


This kind of sudden outrage is results of the school violence that occurs to the weak. The example depicts how two simple minded students are pushed to the brink of sanity by their fellow schoolmates. Constant abuse proved to be a very dangerous torture as the victim might suddenly erupt, as the case show. Dominance over the weak in a neutral environment made them take the law in their hand to teach the violent kids, never regarding what others may think. They intended to teach the bullies a valuable lesson without any remorse afterwards. Though young, these students proved to be very violent under extreme conditions. So as to ensure that such case never occurs, counter measures should be taken strictly by both school and other authorities with the help of parents.


Steps towards decreasing school violence should be taken swiftly but careful. Authorities should coordination with all the necessary people involved in a child’s life. Mainly parents, teachers and school authorities must co-operate together to stop these kinds of violence.