Involvement of Physical attack in School Violence

Parents are always worried about their child. Every parent wants the best for their child. They want their child to have a bright future and a good career. School is the place to build the foundation for a good future. Parents always want the best study environment for their kids but growing school violence is a matter of concern. The level of violence reach sometime so far that use of knives and guns are also not uncommon inside school campus. This obviously raises another very important concern about the availability of weapons by a child. Theft, threatening, beating and vandalism became a very common issue in and around school campus. The details with statistics are easily available on internet. This violence even reached to the height of killing. Teachers are also attacked and became victim of this violence.

This created concern among teacher, parents and higher authority. It’s very important to provide a secure and healthy environment for kid as they are the future of the nation. Hence violence is not only affecting their present but it’s also creating a risk for the future. Therefore it’s very important to find out the proper reason behind it and work out a plan to eliminate it.

We can consider few reasons behind this violation:

ü  The first and most important are to concentrate is at home. Child starts to learn from home. It’s normal for kids to follow their parents. Hence it’s very vital that home atmosphere should be suitable for a healthy growth. Violence at home or use of abusive language can affect a child. Parents should be extra careful of that.

ü  School must imply strict and firm sets of rules and regulations. The do not overlook the disturbance inside the school campus and disciplinary actions must be taken. If required school authority can consult with the parents.

ü  Effect of the company is one of the biggest influences. Often child fall into a group and started to follow the path of violence. It’s very important that the parents and teacher must check the group effect. They can communicate with the kids about consequences of good and bad sides.

ü  The concern of availability of weapons is also a important one. Parents should make sure that their child does not get the amount of money to misuse. Similarly they must make sure that child does not get any access to harmful or deadly weapons inside the house.

ü  Lack of proper security measure is one big concern. Schools should be more careful about it. There must be a well organized and effective security system. School campus must be under proper security observation. In case of violation of security policy, strong action must be taken against the student.

ü  Due to study pressure and constant race for higher grade, it’s very normal that kids comes under stress or suffer depression. Teachers as well parents must be careful about that and must provide positive guidance to the kids to recover from stress.

It’s very important that the violent kids must be controlled and parents, teachers and other related to the educational system must work together on this issue. If it’s not controlled at the right time the violent child could be a danger to the society while grown up.