Making a database of students for violence in school

To the Americans, school violence is not a new word. They are so much affected and disturbed by this school violence that many parents in the United States of America are now finding it difficult to send their kids to school. To them the most precious thing is their children and they do not want to take a chance on them for education.


The teachers and the school authorities are trying different ways to find out the list of students who are more probably inclined towards violence so that they can take some preventive measures against school violence which is ripping them apart. There is no fixed methodology or formula to find out who is messing and who is not but there is definitely lot of ways which these school authorities are taking to battle this menace.


Schools are using school profiling techniques to analyze the behaviour of their students and analyze their future behaviour. This technique might have impressed some people but there are still lots of people who think that it is just not good enough and will not really help a great deal in combating violence.


No what is student profiling all about?


Student profile is nothing but a database of information about each and every student, his characteristics and his past records as far as school violence is concerned. If the profiling helps in finding out that there are lot of such incidents committed by a particular student in the past, then they can rest assure that such incidents can happen even in the future. The base idea behind student profiling is to stop the crime before it actually happens. It is more preventive in nature. Many schools are adopting this tool to fight against this deadly menace of school violence and also save their students from its deadly effects. Student profiling will give hints as to what will happen in the future and then the school can accordingly plan their future course of action.


The school management should also ensure and advice the parents to take of their kids well at home because the bringing up at home has an effect on their behaviour. If they are still not able to do anything about their kids, then they should seek professional helps from the psychiatrists and the counselors.


Schools should look at all the aspects of a student’s growth which includes the emotional, academic and social aspects. The school should mostly look at educating and advising the students on the importance of being good and what great effect the good they do will have on their overall life as well as their career. They should also help them understand the difference between what is good and what is not because only that will help the students overcome their problems.


The school should also pay lot of attention on the academics of the students and also providing a right environment for their growth which would make them concentrate less on violence and do well in their future and end up becoming responsible citizens.