Worries regarding school violence


School violence is a serious issue for the schools and this issue has created large amount of panic in the United States of America. It includes acts or harm and shame like bullying, rape, theft and killing or harming of other students or staff members of school. Steps should be taken by students, teachers, parents and schools to reduce or prevent such kind of violent attitude among children because violence can ruin children’s future.
School violence is creating large amount of worries and they are-
Ø      Hampering the school atmosphere- school violence hampers the school atmosphere. It disturbs the total learning environment of the school. It creates the atmosphere of tension in schools. School is a place to learn and not a place for exhibiting violence.
Ø      Violent children are playing with their future- children who are engaged in violence in schools do not pay attention towards studies. They only pay attention in learning all sorts of negative things. By doing this, they are playing with their future and spoiling it.
Ø      Violent children give troubles to other children- violent children harass other children. As a result of this other children are scared of coming to schools.
Ø      Violent children hamper the future of other students- school violence affects the studies of other children as well. Because of school violence other children either deny from going to school or unable to concentrate on studies. This in turn has a great impact on their career.
Ø      Parents- parents are worried about their children. They are having great amount of tensions because of this school violence. Parents send their children to schools for studies and if their children are becoming violent then it is a matter of huge concern for them. Imagine the kind of grief parents will have if they see their kids fighting with other children or hurting them.
Ø      Nation’s growth- school violence is affecting the growth of the nation as well. If a nation wants to grow then it should have children with right attitude. But if the children of the nation are exhibiting large amount of violence in schools then the nation will have a dark future in the long run.
Ø      Killing- school violence is killing many students and teachers. Incidents like Columbine High School massacre, Bath School disaster and Virginia Tech massacre shows brutal killing of students and teachers by violent students.
Ø      School reputation- if a school is having large amount of violence then it hampers the reputation of school. Parents do not want to admit their kids in the schools that are exhibiting large amount of school violence.
As school violence creates a large amount of problems and troubles so there is a dire need to prevent or reduce violence in schools. It is not only important for the child’s career but for proper and healthy growth of the nation as well. It is the responsibility of schools and parents to give proper guidance, support, love, care and affection to the children. These things can easily reduce or prevent such kind of inhumane attitude.