Zero-tolerance for Violence in school

School violence is one of the major issues in schools of United States of America. Day by day these issues are increasing. However there is no rate of these issues on decreasing lines. Every parent is scared to drop their loved ones to school. They have a constant fear of their child being abused or getting beaten up by his or her classmates. A blow has been given to every parent in the United States after the incident of Billy Wolfe. His case had created tremors in every school on American soil. Billy Wolfe was a student who was beaten up by students, not only beaten but was also threatened to death if he opened up his mouth. This is one of the unforgettable incidents on American soil. His parents were aware of this incident which took place in school. Their next step was to complain to school authorities and to the parents of violent kids who beat Billy. No action was taken against this cruel act. This incident was an example of violence on school grounds.

Later, his parents approached the court and they got justice. The court also said that this is a serious issue and need to be handled by the school authorities. Well it was a good sight that his parents approached the court. If they had not approached the court this issue would have been buried for life and school violence would have continued. Court is present but it’s the duty of the school authorities to handle such cases. Every school in the United States is observing Zero Violence Attitude. This is a step which has been taken after the Billy Wolfe issue. Schools are taking strong actions against those students who are showing violent behaviour. It is taken on serious note and necessary actions are taken to ensure there is no violence in school. Teachers are also participating in this no violence movement. They have ensured that every student will be tolerated with same type of attention. Any student having problems will be treated with special care. It is their duty to look after every student and ensure he or she is not facing violent issues. They have also appointed anti bullying officials who are taking care of such violence. School guards are also trained in handling such violent activities with care. They have complete rights to barge in and stop a violent activity. They are also taught of taking such situations to the higher authority if needed.

Another important topic which is reminded in violence issue is of guidance from home and school. If teachers and parents take an initiative to educate their children about school violence it can help a lot. If they are told what exactly school violence is and its consequences they can avoid it. A lecture can be given where all the points and consequences can be covered. This will let the students know where they are heading in the real world. School violence is a crime and should be stopped with proper guidance.