How to control violent behaviour in school?

Violence itself is a antisocial element and is not encouraged by anyone in the world. This when experienced in the schools can cause problems. Children at young age learn quickly from their fellow mates and other people around. Psychological growth of the children depends on how well they are handles when they show an emotional outburst. Mishandling can cause issues.


It has become common in most schools to report cases on violence. In the adolescent stage of a child’s growth, they form major changes to shape their character and future. When children are in this stage they should be handled with care and should be taught about how to differentiate between the good and the evil.


Upon analysis it shows that the children with violent characteristics show certain types of symptoms and if noticed carefully they can be spotted and action can be taken accordingly.  Inappropriate behaviour such as lose of temper, change of behaviour patterns and showing aggression can be considered as few of the symptoms that can lead to violent behaviour in children.


Small fight in the school campus is an alarm which can lead to big problems in future. The student should be kept in observation to avoid more disputes and eventually control the violent behaviour of the students in school.


Utmost care should be taken while handling these children as they can show extreme sensitivity. Isolation of such children from the rest of the group can cause an emotional distress which in turn develops violent behaviour in children. Careful monitoring and handling of the situation would be very helpful.


People with violent behaviour should be handled with the help of proper counselling of the psychologist and with the involvement of the entire school. A continuous effort would never go waste and at one part of time there would be improvement in the child’s behaviour


Any student who finds issues with other peer mates should report to the higher official. Proper proof and evidence of mysterious behaviour should be provided while giving a complaint against any child. One best way to handle this kind of behaviour is to talk to the child and get to know the child even better so that later on when there is any help needed in terms of information it can be provided to the Federal Department and the school officials.


 To rectify such behaviour in the children it takes a long time and it should not be considered a day’s process. The evil thoughts have been accumulating in the minds of the children showing violent behaviour for quite sometime and to resolve such acts it would take some time. Hurrying might worsen the situation.