Children are so valuable to their parents that the parents can give up anything just to preserve their kiddies. As the issues of school violence is has obviously become a familiar foe in the United States. Americans have prepared to sacrifice the schooling of their kids to save the kids life and ultimately preserve their joy.


The school administrator and the entire member of staff are fighting tooth and nail to figure out the actual reasons that prompt students to violence as time pass by. It is needless to begin to outline the demonic and mindless killings the nation has witnessed as a result of violence in schools in the past. It agreeable that no remarkable reason has been discovered to have caused these violent, yet the school has not relented on their efforts to uncover potential behavior of violent children.


By carefully and diligently itemizing the checklist of each student, the school authority is of the opinion that this can be used as a yard stick to checkmate school violence. Another school of thought within same group sees it as exercise in futility. What then does profile has to do in the context of students’ vis-à-vis school violence.


Finding out individual attitudes and manners of the youthful culprits cut in the acts of violence is referred to as check listing. It is particularly used to determine the likelihood of each student to partake in any acts of violence. The more any student fits into the brackets of the itemizes personal characteristics and attitude, the higher his/her chances of being partake of violence sooner or later. This approach simply helps to discover early enough the possibility of the potential culprit to indulge in violence act. By so doing, school administrators can act faster to control or dictate the pace, in addition protect students at large from such attack.


Parents, teachers or guardian of those students could be instructed to be extra careful in handling the concern children. More time, attention love and affection should be shower toward them. Expert counselors and psychiatrists can even be consulted to assist to re-shape the mentality and impression of these kids.


In addition, school should not narrow their teaching to only academic; it should be extended to include social and emotional studies. Thus:

1.          Students are thought to understand the importance of life and aim of life.

2.          Understanding the importance of their own feelings and that of other.

3.          Students are beneficial of productive and thoughtful decision making.

4.          Effective communications are enhanced.


It is generally believed that if students can be properly equipped with the above points and students in turn diligently observe them, they can voluntarily change for better. Schools on the other hand should provide a productive learning and education to children, failure to do this puts a question mark on their existence. With joint efforts, school violence can be eliminated in our nation.