Prohibit violence in school with the help of security guards

School violence is becoming a daily feature in newspapers nowadays. The reasons for violence in school could be either the threatening of one student by another student or a case of venting out the anger or depression of one person on another person if the violent person is feeling lonely or isolated. Sometimes, these students resort to using guns and firing blindly in school campuses resulting in lot of deaths. These school violence incidents are not showing any signs of halt and it is the duty of every person to stop the menace and to bring it to a permanent halt.


The entire system and all the stakeholders of education should be coming together to stop this violence. The parents, teachers, school management should come together and devise strategies and plans for dealing with these matters of violence and volatility of the environment in school. If possible they could appoint some security guards for schools. These guards must be available at places like gateways, toilets, cafeterias, and other very vulnerable areas of the school where violence between students is expected to happen the most. There should be some guards on the rounds when games are conducted on the playground.


If at all the guards see the students indulging in any kind of verbal duel or brawl on the field, then they must immediately interfere and take them to the higher authorities. The guards should not take physical action on the violent students but instead should take them to the higher authorities and let them take care of the issue. And even if the security guards see some kid sitting quietly and not playing on the field when his friend are playing, then he should report he matter to the higher officials as that is the initial signs of a student becoming violent in the future.


If need be, the parents can move closely with these security guards and exchange numbers as these guards would immediately report to them if they see their kids behaving abnormally or violently in school which in turn would help the parents deal with the issue in a more effective manner.


The students need not worry too if they are with these guards because they can report any matter to these guards or violent behaviour from their friends or any physical attacks on them from their friends.


The guards must be trained in such a way that they should be equipped to tackle students when they are using guns or other arms on campus. Therefore, guards would definitely come in very handy in schools and they can help to a great extent in bringing down violence in schools. These guards are probably the only people on campus that the violent students would be afraid of or get intimidated by because these guards are physically well built and sturdy and they also have the arms and ammunition which would scare the hell out of any student on campus.