As days pass by, school violence is not uncommon even as students increasingly and angrily expressing their aggression unlawfully. Considering the keenness of peer/group competition, those who can not cope with the pressure get disturbed and tensed. At the full manifestation of their depression they are undergoing without the knowledge of other students and teachers, they resolve to take to arms. As these students become nuisance to themselves and society, we cannot pretend to assume that all is well; we need begin to take some proactive steps to settle it jointly.


Until a cordial relationship is consciously cultivated by teachers towards his/her students, it will be somehow difficult for students to approach the teachers with the bothering problems. An elderly and friendly guide by the teachers will always give students respite and courage to overcome their bad habits. As a result students will begin to see some other legitimate alternate ways to register their protest.


It is highly recommended that students at interval be trained to manage his/her anger. For school violence to be creatively dealt with, a particular period should be chosen for discussion and practicalized the evil behind this issue of concern. In the face of stiff studies competition, pressures from parents and peers couple with to over exposure of our kids to violent computer games, serial TV show and many more, one of the best things to fight back is through a regular workshop.


Besides, let parents wake up to their duties by ensuring that their kids are not trapped by films that could be inimical to the career and future of their children. Not only films watching, they are also expected to have adequate controls over the kind of video games they play. Without doubt, there are as many bad ones as much as there are good and impactful ones. It is as well important to carefully and subtly introduce the said control with the heart that is free of malice, hatred and resentments. Rather, parents should teach and behave love and affections towards their children. Nagging, abusive words and fighting should be not be given room at home because children can easily become use to it and thereby cultivate such bad habits.


To jointly access and appraise the attitude of each and all students, teacher and parents should periodically organize a forum. From there, they can rub minds together to proffer solutions to the deviant behavior of the students. The parents can even go a step further to enter a gentleman agreement with the clerical staff and security guard to report the behavior of their kid during and after school hours. If relevant information about kids is received early enough, surely everything is controllable.


Both parents and teachers should encourage the children to always be their brothers keepers. Peer groups are more like to observe or know when any of their member is passing through any difficulty. Where any student observe another being depressed, violent on small matter, unnecessarily aggressive, going with weapons, or any perceived danger such student should be reported to the class teacher for prompt action. As parents and school authority come to a roundtable to proffer solutions, it is hopeful that in no time, the student in question shall be restored.