Problems associated with school violence


Parents are sending their kids to school and are happy about it. They want their kids to study and grow properly. But one day a child comes from the school and he/she is having a cut on his/her body. Cut is bleeding and the child is crying like hell. You ask the child, what has happened?  How come you are bleeding?  Child replies back saying that another school child has beaten him/her and from now onwards he/she is not going to school.

This above threatening and beating is the result of school violence and it is increasing in schools now. School violence is a painful and dreadful problem. Kids who are having violent attitude are giving problems to other children. They are bullying them, threatening them, harming and hurting them by using weapons like revolver and knives.

School age is the age where kids should pay attention towards their studies and career rather than paying attention on stuffs like bullying, threatening, harming and hurting others. School age is the base of whole life and proper attention should be paid at this age. If proper attention is not paid at this age then the chances are there that the whole life of the children is spoiled.

Imagine the kind of attitude a child will have when he/she will grow up if he/she is having such high extent of violence at this age. These violent kids are not only spoiling their future but they are hampering the school reputation and they are spoiling the future of other children as well. Other children are unable to concentrate on studies because of their threatening. They are afraid of going to school.

Violent children are troubling teachers and other school staff members as well. They are using abusive languages in school and are gunning down thousands of school students. It has been reported that from the year 1992, two twenty violent deaths have occurred on the grounds of schools in the United States of America. This has created a large concern and terror among Americans.

This kind of attitude is increasing in children because of the extreme exposure they are getting. Group members of these students are also supporting their negative interests and are playing an important role in increasing such kind of dreadful and negative behavior. Another reason because of which this violent behavior is increasing is boys are unable to communicate their emotions and feelings. So they take out their emotions in violent manner.

There is a strong need to stop such kind of violent attitude among children. Nation’s future largely depends on children and if children of a nation are having such kind of violent attitude then the nation will have a dark future. So, proper steps should be taken on proper time so that such kind of behavior can be avoided among children. Kids who are showing such kind of violent attitude in schools should be given proper counseling and attention. This kind of behavior can be reduced by giving proper affection and love.