Part played by the security for violence in school

School violence is really a big crime that is very active in the United States of America. These things are affecting people right from the students, the parents, teachers, etc. and are making life miserable for them. Most of the children are getting influenced by external factors and are concentrating more on the negative things rather than positive things like education, future, etc. As a result, these kids indulge in brawls, fights with their fellow students, rapes and sexual abusing, damage of school property, etc. Students do not know that how detrimental these activities could be to their future and therefore it is the duty of each and every citizen to stop such activities from happening.


It is imperative that students and teachers come together and put a stop to this deadly menace. But how could they go about things? How can they stop violence? Violence is not something which could be stopped through exertion of pressure or force. It is more internal and has been inculcated into the minds of the kids. It is the duty of the parents to remove that thought from their minds by treating them with love, care and affection. This is probably the only or the most effective way for bringing down all these activities.


There is one other way of eliminating violence in schools. And that is to beef up the security measures in school. There should be additional men put as guards and security men and they should check the bags of each and every student who enters the campus to find what is there in their bags and check for any objectionable materials. If they find anything objectionable, they should take action and prevent the student from entering the campus or they can otherwise report to the higher officials in the school who would take appropriate action against such students.


And after the checking process, if the guards come across any student indulging in violent activities, then they should take strict action against them. The school must ensure that the guards are properly trained and well equipped to tackle these issues with relative ease and comfort. The school authorities should also take very strict actions against such violent students and punish them in such a way that the students realize their mistakes and at the same time creates a kind of a scare for other students too. This will ensure that such activities do not happen in the future.


The government should also play a part here and ensure that there is little or no access to weapons for students. There should be stricter laws put into place as to who should be eligible for possession of such weapons. Some of the unfortunate incidents like the Virginia Tech shootout, Bath School disaster and the Columbine High school massacre were because of the easy availability of weapons for these children. If the government has any intention of bringing a stop to this, then they should implement such stricter laws.


Terminating school violence is not very difficult unless and until stricter and concrete steps are taken against them by both the teachers and the students in a more combined fashion. The teachers and parents should guide these children in such a way that their minds are diverted to more important things like academics and extra curricular activities which would groom them and would make them look forward to their future.