School Metal Detectors Don’t Catch All Weapons

The headlines of the news continue to contain stories about weapons being found in schools across the country. There are no lines of demarcation that eliminate wealthy schools from having students who bring weapons any more than low income intercity schools where weapons are a problem. With so much technology at hand, many school age children from elementary age up through high school students are taking advantage of the perceived opportunity to a superstar. Popular social websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube are like public platforms where young people are flocking to express themselves and the use of weapons in the process is supposedly some form of status that is to be admired.
Some are all too willing to point the fingers at rap music and the violent lyrics contained therein and some true lies in the accusation but you cannot place all the blame on music. Others suggest that gun laws are too lenient and that stiffer penalties should be imposed for offenders. Think about this for a moment. If minors are allowed access to guns, are they the offenders or do we blame the adults who sell them the weapons?

Into the picture come metal detectors in schools because there just are too many children carrying weapons to school to catch them all. Some caught with weapons say they carry them because they need to defend themselves from other students who have weapons. Are there really that many children bringing weapons to school? If so, it is clearly evident that metal detectors don’t catch all weapons that come into schools.
A weak link in the chain is that many metal detectors have limited capabilities for large back packs and handbags made of thick materials. Some schools have reduced this risk by enforcing rules that dictate only certain kinds of bags may be brought into the school. In the bigger picture, however, accountability for weapons being brought into the school does not begin with the school but the sources that children are able to get these weapons.
Some of the most incredulous crimes in schools involving weapons and children are sourced back to carelessness at home. Guns stored in shoe boxes, hunting weapons in unsecured tool boxes and the like are often the temptation that is not resisted or the answer to a dare by peers. Tighter security of weapons at home is a first step in making sure that children do not have access to these types of things. Metal detectors in school should work as a second line of defense for those who choose to defy the rules at home and in school. After all, these metal detectors are costly pieces of equipment designed to work with human assistance.