School Shootings Menace

The violence that erupts in schools involves serious and dangerous actions like shootings, stabbing and bullying. It is baffling that a child can take a weapon and use it against fellow child or an adult, at times killing such a victim. This is how serious and alarming cases of out break of violence in schools could be. The interest of this article is to look into shooting associated with school violence. The reference for this work is wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, {}.


School shooting is the act of using guns to physically harm students in schools either by fellow students or by an outsider.     


A notable and well known school shooting is those of columbine high school, in Colorado.  This occurred on Tuesday, April 20th, 1999. On that fateful day, two students, Dylan klebold and Erric Harris attacked the school with guns, killing twelve students, one teacher and injured twenty four others. After that they killed themselves.


Violence in public schools of the United States of America is more popular in form of one on one combat where shooting with guns and stabbing with knives are involved, or in form of clash between different gangs. The incidence of such clashes occurs more frequently than in the schools in other areas. The report of violence by principals of city schools is about 17%, that of urban schools 11%, rural schools 10% and 5% for suburban schools as reported in 1997. School shootings in other countries may take a different perspective, for in the violence in Mercaz Ha Rav massacre is influenced by religious reasons.


Surprisingly enough, the perpetrators of the act, at that tender age, plan their attack, buy weapons and eventually launch their attack.


Some apprehended shooters admitted that alienation and persecution were their reasons for getting involved in violence.        


Though school shootings are not very frequent, the media extensively cover it. Many at times they are the measure cause for change of policies for the schools, where different approach were considered to improve discipline and security.


School shooting is an issue of public interest in the United States of America. It happens everywhere across the globe; therefore it should be a concern for all as much as it is a serious concern for the American citizens. It has devastating consequences, for the lives of innocent children are being lost, the lives of the teachers are also being lost. Children are afraid to go to school as they feel unsecured; the teachers are considering changing profession, as the security of their lives is no longer guaranteed. Now we have a need to fulfill, a need of combating and preventing this social evil from occurring. We must all take this issue of school shooting and violence serious and we must also stop it.