School violence in public elementary school


It is absolutely right that school violence is one of the major problems that have received worldwide attention. It is one of the problems that are not confined to American or European continent only but in different other parts of the world as well. 
It is quite unfortunate to know that these days school violence is very common in public elementary schools as well. Elementary school children normally express their violence in the form of verbal and physical aggression. 
It is totally undeniable that elementary school children normally gain violent attitude after watching various cartoon and game shows on TV.   These shows usually contain a lots of action sequences that eventually result to negative impact on the mindset of the child. TV shows are not solely responsible for this. The visualization and grasping powers of small kids are excellent.   They quickly learn after watching someone in a particular kind of act.  When kids see their father or elder brother abusing someone, they quickly learn those words and try to express those words themselves. This is the reason why it is really imperative to provide them an ideal home atmosphere. 
If you’re teaching them something good or presenting yourself as an example then they will learn that as well, which will result in their moral character development.   Besides, it is also important that you should keep an eye on the child’s routine at school and with friends while playing. If the child is not getting a good atmosphere at school or with friends then take the initiative to change the school or friend circle. It is concerned with your child’s future so never gamble with it.
If we make a comparison in between public elementary schools and private elementary schools then we will find that private are a bit better than public. If we have a look on the current statistics then we’ll find that the rate of physical violence in the public elementary schools is 76%. On the other hand, it resides to 62% in private elementary schools. 
A non governmental organization of Florida also prepared a report on the account of abnormal behavior shown by the students.   The organization took into consideration the report submitted by the school teacher.   The abnormal behavior score for the students of public elementary schools was 32.4% in contrast of 22% students in private. 
These reports clearly reveal that there is not a huge difference in both kinds of elementary schools but still lot more emphasis should be paid on the development of public elementary school.  One strange thing reported by the organization was related with the accountability of the public elementary school administrations.  According to the report, the cases of victimized students registered by public schools were just 64.7% (in teacher’s report). When the organization surveyed about the same from the parents of the public elementary schools children, some of the awful truths were revealed. When the parent’s report was considered, the toll of peer relation problems rose to 93.6%.   Strange! Isn’t?