Are schools in America Safer these days?

A region in America had a terrible incident that took place in the secondary school before 3 years. An assault rifle was fired at a student inside the school compound by another student of 13 years old. This type of weaponry are used in the war fields mostly and generally used by the general public for defense. Assault rifles are considered as one of the deadly weapons. Accessibility of this deadly weapon is not so easy and it is a surprising fact to see a small boy can make the weapon work.



This is not just the only incident but there are many reported incidences of this sort in the past decade. In 1999, the Columbia High School massacre has led the Federal Department to take some serious steps which involved court as well. Though the incident was considered serious and immediate result was not seen against the use of the deadly weapons.


In a conference meeting at the presidents the issue of the use of weapons in schools has been raised. The simple conclusion provided was that everyone involved in the incident and those affected by it should participate in bringing a solution to this problem. They not just include students but also police and other officials of the school as it is an illegal act.



Schools provide foundation for the development of the society and they should be considered safe to send the children to work. There are several methods of stopping or forbidding violence in schools. School Crisis plan is a very good method to take the first step. There is training given to the secondary school students in order to react efficiently at the time of emergency. Arrogant and suspicious behavior of certain children is an alarm to the teachers and other students. When there is a help needed, it is must to provide them with it before they take any action against other kids in the school.

Psychological factors also play an important role in determining a plan for a massacre. Mostly it is not considered intentional said by expert analysis. These children should be handled carefully and every clue left by them should be analyzed to avoid problems. These clues upon analysis can reveal whether a student is getting worse day by day or it is okay to stop worrying about it. If necessary, legal action can be taken if the clues show that a shoot out is being planned by the students.  Sometimes it is the child behavior that causes problems. If it is found to be psychological, medical help is required to minimize damage.

The future of the world lies in the hands of these children. The foundation is being laid in schools and they should be considered safe always. Any small incident of this sort can rupture the image and makes it difficult to develop again. It is a requirement of every school that every person should participate in making it safe. For the betterment of the future generations and for the uplift of the society, safe schools are necessary.