Make your School a Safe Place

The increasing number of cases of violent incidents inside a school is making parents terrified of sending their children to schools. Parents of these days are really concerned over this issue because they fear that their child will be innocent victims of some ill tempered bullies or violent children. There was a terrible incident just three years back when a thirteen year old kid in Missouri fired bullets on his classmates inside the school compound. Though the damage was not severe it was astonishing to hear that the gun he used was an assault rifle. It is really baffling that how a young kid like him could gain access to an assault rifle.


This is not the only instance of violence inside a school. For your reference there is the Columbine High School Massacre of 1999 in Colorado, the Virginia Tech killing of 2003 and many more. The final verdict is that schools are the same as they were used to be in the earlier days. It is really unsafe with the increasing number of illegal activities carried out by the children in schools. The school in which your child is studying can have such problems. So what will you do now? Will you wait for things to happen or take the necessary steps in order to prevent school violence in your school? Well, given below are some tips on how to make your school a safer place.


Preventing school violence is not an easy task. It requires a collective effort from the parents, teachers, the school administration and the students in order to prevent any illegal and unwanted activities inside the school. On the part of the parents, they should be very responsible in taking care of all the activities of their child outside the school. Parents should monitor the child 24x7 so that he never gets into any bad habits. This is because bad habits inculcated from the outside will be shown inside a school as well. So the child should never be allowed to roam around with a bad gang of friends nor should he be allowed to watch unwanted TV shows which might prove harmful in the future.


On the part of the teachers, it is their duty to ward off any possibilities of a gang war or any brawl between children of their classrooms. It is natural that children at schools tend to pick up a brawl or a silly fight. Hence teachers should take care that even if the students pick up a fight it is resolved quickly in order to avoid a rivalry of sorts in the future. Also a teacher should look after each and every individual and be fair in all the dealings. The school authorities should have strict policies on those children who are violent.


Surveillance cameras and strict guards should be employed so as to avoid the children from bring any weapons like guns or knives. On the part of the students, they should be prompt in reporting illegal activities if they witness any.