The basics of school violence


Nowadays parents are so busy that they hardly get any time to even see what their children are doing. They just send their children to school and feel happy that their child is studying and making his/her future. But this seems to be wrong when their own child harms anyone or he/she gets harmed by any other.
When such types of activities occur then it is considered to be very shameful for the people who don’t take proper action against school violence. It is a fact that such activities are increasing in number every day. As it directly affects the future of the country i.e. students it is important to deal with this problem seriously.
School violence is the activity that occurs in schools by students of that school itself in order to take revenge of any type from other school students or staff members. Generally, students because of one reason or the other, use revolver or other type of weapons for threatening and hurting others in the school. Not just that, there are several cases in point where the student killed the other in violence. Thus it is very important to stop school violence.
 As a remedy, parents should take attention on such matter and must allow their children to grow according to their capabilities and not according to their own desire. It is true that the student’s age is the base on which his whole life depends. So if proper attention is not given well in time, then it can result into severe problems in the future. Also it is a fact that those students who pay attention in bullying and hurting others spoil their own life and life of their parent as well.
In order to analyze the severity of the problem it is important to note that in America alone from the year 1992 there are approximately more than two hundred cases of deaths caused solely because of school violence. This situation has created a sort of terror among most of the schools and American people as well.
Usually the students engaged in violence form group and create problem for the other students. This results in spoiling the whole environment of learning. But what is the reason behind such problem? Why students take the way of school violence?  If we go through the deep cause of the problem then we will find that due to extreme exposure, such kind of attitude is increasing among children. Students are mostly influenced by the violence they see in movies. They try to copy acts of actors doing violent activities. Additionally students get violent because of excess pressure of studies from their parents. Thus in conclusion, it can be stated that school violence is a result of environment full of violence, study pressure and lack of time of parents for their children.
In order to avoid such kind of violent activities, school administration should arrange parent teacher’s meeting regularly. In these meetings both teachers and parents should try to find out the problem of the student and must try to solve it. In addition we need to develop such environment where violence can be seen as a bad thing.