Effect of Abuse in School Violence

Two important factors which have the vital role in a child’s life are Home and school. Hence it’s very important and decisive factor for the child’s future. The kind of atmosphere the children gets at home and the kind they get at school can help him/her in shaping the future.

It is very important that what a child learns at school because that will reflect on his personality/ Hence extra care must be taken by the time of selection of child’s school.

Earlier the information regarding school was not considered as important. But as the time passed it became more and more important because of the school violence issue. Now-a-days parents take lots of precautions before finalizing a school for their kid.

Now schools are much more violent place compared to earlier days. The rate of school violence is increasing with days. Usage of dangerous weapons like knife and gun became very much frequent. Innocent kids are often threatened, robbed, beaten and worse of them, killed. Use of profanity and vulgarism also became very high.

Everyone connected with this system must be concern about the situation and communication between parents, teacher and students became more important. It became crucial that teachers keep an eye on the situations in and around the school.  Special attention and counseling must be provided to the students suffering depression, stress or disturbance. Any kind of doubtful behavior must be investigated carefully to avoid any school violence.

The lack of disciplinary body and firm law is the main reason of this kind of abuse. This affects those schools most which are not well organized to prevent abuse at a beginning stage. If we fail to contact the abuse at its primary stage then chances are there that it can turn into bigger threat or even into violence. The law should be farm and strict disciplinary action must be taken in violence of the rules. An effective and proper security measures must be taken in and around the campus.

Every person related to the system must perform their roles effectively. While teachers should take care of the students inside school, it is equally important that parents also keep a very close eye on their kid. It is very important to check the child’s company because often the influence of bad company encourages them towards abusive behavior and later to violence.

Parents should also check the kind of programs their kid watch and the use of language in also a vital point.

Proper guidance is also very important as lack of experience can lead the child to wrong path. Communication is the best way to understand and help the child. A regular session between teachers and parents will also help to identify the problem and work in a proper direction.

For critical or serious cases expert helps are also very important to avoid any complication. Therefore by following very simple set of rule the abusive behavior can be stopped at its root level.