Severity of school violence problem

School violence problem is becoming severe day by day in schools of the United States of America. This is a kind of problem which is troubling students, teachers, parents, school administration and higher authorities of the school as well.
How school violence is troubling students and teachers?
School children who are having violent nature form a group of themselves and then they start troubling teachers and other school students. They give rise to violent atmosphere in the school. They bully other children coming to school so much that other children do not feel like coming to school. They are afraid of going to school. These violent children are not only targeting students but teachers as well. Some children have become so violent that they have even started bringing weapons to the school. Knives and guns etc are the kind of weapons which they are bringing to the school. They are using these weapons in the school premises and killing students and teachers. If you look into the history then you will find cases where violent school children have killed other children and school students as well. The biggest tragedy had occurred in the year 1999. Two school students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed one teacher and 12 students at Columbine High School based in Colorado. They have injured twenty three students and other people as well. After that they have killed themselves.
The story of Columbine High School is not an end. Many stories of school violence are present in the history where violent students have killed either teachers or students or principal. But is it good to have such kind of violent behavior among kids at the school level? The answer is certainly not!
Parents, teachers and school authorities should take measures to avoid such kind of problem. If they will not take steps to remove this problem then this violent behavior of kids will keep on increasing day by day.
Steps that can help in reducing the violent behavior-
• Parents should check- parents should see and note the activities of their kids. If they feel that their kid is doing any kind of strange activity then they should have a word with him/her.
• Atmosphere- nobody is born violent. Circumstances make him/her like this. So parents should always try to give comfortable and healthy environment to their child. They should give their child proper love, affection and compassion.
• Teachers- teachers should also check the behavior of child. If they feel any kind of suspicious activity then either they should talk to the child or speak to his/her parents.
• Counselors and psychiatrists- if parents and teachers are unable to counsel the child then they can take the help of Counselors and psychiatrists. These kinds of people are having specialization in such things and they can easily brain wash the violent behavior of child.
Reducing the violent behavior of the child is not at all impossible but it can only be done by giving him/her proper support and guidance.