The incessant school violence activities have risen to the level where no one is ready to sleep with his/her two eyes close in the United States. No responsible and patriotic citizen is exempted from this fear not even a non-citizen. As it continues with little or no resistance, the future of our dear children is now hanging in the balance simply because they have begun to have a divided interest between studies and unethical social attitude. This has taught them the acts of violence such as abusive language, use of weapon, fighting and so on. Unless these activities are stopped, the future of the children and that of our nation is bleaking.


For any violence student to stop his or her violence ways and nature, beating, abandonment or death is not at all the solution. Rather, it may end up been counter productive. It is best advised to extend the hand of love, affection and compassion if we want him change. If he/she is not stigmatized as outcast, there is the possibility that he/she will come to his/her right mind with combine efforts.


In reducing violence in our schools and society, security plays very dominant roles. School should do more to engage the service of well trained and experienced watchmen. The guards on their part should be set to regularly carry out physical search of bags, lockers, pockets and some suspected hide-outs within and outside the school premises. Strict actions should be taken to bring the culprits to book. The served punishment should be directly correspondent with the gravity of the offence committed.


Through the enactment of necessary laws guiding the handling and possession of weapons, the government can even place arm restrictions on certain age brackets. It should be noted that the massacre carried out in Bath School, Columbine High School disaster and the atrocities committed in Virginia Tech could have been reduced it this control measure is in place.


Curbing violence in schools would not be a day dream if the parents and teachers can reason together to fashion out different alternative ways. One thing is certain, a well trained child at home with enabling environment would hardly turn notorious in school. In addition, they will not give teachers much concern nor associate with bad gang within or outside school premises.