Zero-tolerance for school violence


Zero-tolerance for school violence
School violence is creating tremendous problem in the whole world. Schools of the United States of America are the biggest victim of school violence. If you closely look into the history of the United States of America you will see the painful cases like Columbine High School massacre, Bath School disaster and Virginia Tech massacre. If you read about these cases then is sure you will know how serious the problem of school violence is. This killing has taken the lives of large number of people and it has injured a lot as well.
Previously schools were not paying great attention towards these issues and even after regular complaints they never turn an eye towards them. But the case of Billy Wolfe had compelled schools to pay attention towards these issues. Billy Wolfe was a boy studying in high school. He was being threatened and beaten up by two other violent children. His parents were also aware about this fact. They made a complaint to the parents of violent kids and to the principal of school. But both of them had taken no action. So they went to court and the court passed the judgment in the favor of Billy Wolfe. Session judge of that time had also told that it is the duty of the school to pay attention towards such kinds of issues and they should solve them.
Today schools are paying attention towards school violence. They have learned from the past and have adopted the zero tolerance attitudes for school violence. Schools are taking actions against the students who are showing violence. Not only this, they are giving training to the teachers and telling them the methods for dealing such kind of issues. Teachers are always encouraging students about good habits like reading, watching films and television shows that are quite knowledgeable and other activities like traveling to different places etc. All these things will provide them good amount of knowledge. They are also responsible for giving them a positive attitude towards life. This positive attitude will keep them away from negative thinking like violence.
Schools are now appointing officials from anti bullying police. These officials pay attention towards school violence and they stop any kind of wrong activity happening in the school. Guards of the schools are also being trained against violence. They are being strictly instructed that if they see any kind of suspicious activity in the school premises then they should immediately report it either to the higher authority or to the officials from anti bullying police.
As far as possible the schools and parents should always try to resolve these problems at their level. Going to the court is a cumbersome process and a long route as well. It consumes a lot of time.
If parents and schools are providing ethical values to the children from the starting then preventing this school violence is very easy. From the starting they should be told about the harmful effect of school violence and how they can hamper a person’s life. All these guidelines will help them a lot in making a good career.