How Security Can Help End School Violence

The issue of school violence in the United States is very important. Many people have issues with it and they include teachers, students, parents and school principals. Violence in school affects the children’s future. It also distracts them from their studies by not paying attention to what they learn. Instead, they pay attention to violence and end up having negative attitudes and behaviors School violence teaches children to use weapons to hurt others, to use foul language towards their fellow students, to bully them and to fight with them and their teachers. These activities are detrimental to students and it is important to end them as soon as possible. 


It is important that parents and schools work together to end this violent and negative attitude in children. The main question is how this type of violence can end. The first thing that everyone should understand is that it is not possible to force students not to engage in violence. Violence is in people’s nature and the only way to solve it is to provide guidance and support to the children concerned. Giving adequate love, care and affection will aid in reducing violent behavior among children.


There are steps that people can follow in order to reduce cases of school violence. The most important step that schools can take to increase the level of security is to have security facilities in the compound such as security officers or guards. The guards should ensure that they check the bags and other items belonging to students regularly. Incase they find any suspicious items or weapons in the student’s lockers or bags, they should take the necessary steps that will ensure disciplining of students owning weapons or report the matter to higher authorities.



Guards should also be on the lookout for any suspicious activity that may be going on in the school. If they identify activities that may lead to school violence, they should end them and inform the school’s administration.  It is essential that security guards who work at schools receive adequate training on how to deal with violent activity so that they will solve such problems efficiently when they occur. Schools on the other hand should take very strict measures when it comes to punishing the students who engage in violence. Heavy punishments will ensure that students do not participate in violent activity for the fear of receiving painful punishment. Such kind of punishment can end recurring violent behavior.


The other way that security can help in ending school violence is if the government restricts the buying of weapons. If students can easily access weapons, it will increase the chances that they will use them at school. People should take ultimate care not to provide students with easy access to weapons such as firearms. The incidents of school violence that took place in Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and the Bath School disaster arose due to the lack of proper restrictions on weapons. This led to the deaths of many because students could readily access firearms. It should be the goal of the government to come up with strict procedures limiting gun use. This will ensure that students have no access to guns.


It is not impossible to end school violence, for by taking the necessary steps; it can become outdated. School administrations and parents can work together to ensure that students maintain a positive attitude towards life by proving proper guidance. If students have the right attitude, they will do well in all school and get good careers that they will love.