School violence in large schools


It is absolutely right that parents always expect a bright and secured existence of their child. There is nothing wrong in it, as it is their fundamental right. Education is one of the prime and elementary needs of the children. This is why parents have complete trust over the school administration about the hours their child daily spent in the school. 
But when it comes to the large schools of urban societies it is really painful to hear about the brutal incidences of violence inside the school compounds.  Under such circumstances, it is really not that easy for the parents to handle the situation. Firstly, it is not easy for them to understand whom they can make liable if something fateful happens to their child. 
Firstly, it should remain our priority to diminish the possibilities of school violence before they could occur.  It’s not that easy but not difficult too. Schools are certainly the temple of learning and there is no place for discriminating, bullying and assaulting here. All you are required is to avail some fighting chance and you can definitely prevent yourself as well as the others from falling into the ditch of school violence.  
It is a fact that large urban schools are the hubs of modern outlook and latest trends. But still, most of the students and the teaching staff are not well aware of the consequences of school violence until they get a sting out of it. It is significant to change the outlook of the schools situated in the urban locality. The administrators of these schools personally believe that, “how such things going to happen here? We have well mannered students and teaching staff from a high society.  These incidences are only common in the rural areas because of the country children and their background.” But this is TRULY WRONG!   The nature and attitudes are not confined to a particular province only.  
Some of the studies conducted by governmental and non governmental institutes have divulged few shocking reports. According to some reports based on facts and figures the incidences of harassments and violence are more common in the large schools. One of the basic reasons behind it is that the children living in urban locality are highly prone to bad home atmosphere, television shows, PC games and movies containing brutal action sequences. Smart children apply these action sequences at home, then on friends and eventually at school.     
It’s not possible to control these incidences without proper support of parents, school administration, and teaching staff and of course, students.   If you’re witnessing something strange with the behavior of a child then never overlook it.  If possible call the parent/ guardian of the child and inform them about it.  
If a child is suffering from any sort of psychological disorder or mental distress then it is the moral duty of the parent to tell about the same in advance.  The school administration can also take the initiative and ask about it at the time of admission.