Shooting at School Campus

Violence in school campus reached at such a level that it became a serious concern for the higher authority also beside of teachers and parents. If we take a look at the history we can find many similar incidents where the violence reached up to the level of shooting inside school campus. In such incidents many students and teachers lost their life.

Incidents like threatening and beating became very common. We even witnessed incidents of killing. Life threatening weapons like guns and knives are commonly seen inside school premises. The incidents not restricted up to students anymore. Teachers are also affected and became victim.

One of the campus tragedies is Columbine High School incident which occurred in 1999. 13 were killed in that incident including one teacher and 12 students. The injury toll reached to 23 before the two violent students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed suicide.

The other infamous incident would be Bat School massacre happened in Bath Township, Michigan. It was the year 1927. A series of bombing took place inside the school campus which killed 45 people when 58 more were injured. The man behind the incident, Andrew Kehoe also killed himself with a bomb.

Those are not isolated incidents. There are plenty of incidents where many innocent students, teachers and even principles lost their life because of school violence. We have to stop this violence. It’s our responsibility to take control of the situation and work towards the permanent solution of it.

By taking few constructive steps we can stop those incidents to occur again in future:

ü  It is very important that we keep the atmosphere at home healthy. Loving and caring atmosphere in and around home will give the child a sense of security. We must communicate with the child properly. It is very important that parents should give enough time to their kids. They must listen and observe their child. They can try to find out if the child is facing any difficulties.

ü  Proper guidance is also very important aspect. Every parent should reach up to their kids. With lack of experience and understanding, most of the time they take wrong decisions. Therefore its parent’s duty to understand their kid and help them while needed.

ü  Child mind can be very complex. It’s possible that they may fail to express their situation properly. It’s very important that in difficult cases parent should take expert’s help. In complicated cases they can a proper and regular counseling will help to keep the situation under control.

ü  Teachers and school authority also can analyze the mental health of the students by regular stress management classes. That will help teacher to evaluate a student better and if required they can even consult with their parents.

ü  Often in their busy daily schedule, parents overlook child’s problem. Therefore they must make time for their kids and give them more importance especially at difficult times. Parents must understand the ability of their kid. They must burden their kid with high expectations.

With proper measures and attentions we can stop school violence in an effective manner.