School Violence and its Negative Impact

By now there is hardly any individual in existence that does not know that there is school violence. The issue is horrible, sad and scaring. Let us examine how serious school violence could be.


The students with delinquent behavior, super activity and aggressiveness are the sort of children that have the potential to be violent in school. There are a number of reasons that cause them to become violent, some of which are picking the violent trait from exposure to frequent fights and confrontations by parents, watching and playing action packed movies and games where violence is shown to be an impressive and heroic act, from peers with the violent behavior and so on. The child somehow tries to be in possession of weapons especially knives and guns which he carries along to the school. The children with ilk mind come together and with a slight provocation, they begin to attack every body around. The reason for the attack may be discrimination, ridicule, punishment received from the teachers, heated arguments introduction of new policy by the school authority or the government and so on. There is no any particular reason identified in any study as being major cause for the out break of violence in the schools.


They proceed with their attack armed with weapons mostly knives and guns. The entire school community is in terror and everyone is a potential victim except those that are able to run away. They assault people physically. They kill some people and inflict severe injuries to others. Some suffer the beatings of their lives, while others suffer bully. Even the buildings in some cases are not spared, for they set offices and other buildings of high value ablaze.


At the end of the terror lives are lost; casualties are all over the place, the remains of the burnt buildings produce thick smoke that fills the atmosphere. Properties that worth considerable sum are lost.


The story of the unfortunate incidence soon spread all over, media houses carry the news. The parents of all children felt concern and became scared of the safety of their children. The children that witnessed the dreadful event are afraid to go to the school. Teachers are considering leaving the profession since the safety of their lives and properties are no longer guaranteed.


This social vise requires urgent attention of all stake holders including parents, the teachers, the school managements and the ministry of education of the country to put all hands on deck with a view to combating this looming and horrifying problem. Lasting solution to the problem of school violence must be found and recommendation must be immediately applied. The peaceful and conducive atmosphere of learning in the schools globally must be retuned so that our children can acquire quality education and become responsible members of the human society. There is no compromise to that what so ever.