Punishments given to those involved in causing school violence

School violence is among the problems which affects the life of every citizen in a county. Therefore for any growth of such a country,  drastic measures must be taken to stop school violence. This may affect you either directly or indirectly but either way, one would want to know what can be done to stop it. It is a fact  that,when a fellow student harms another or a teacher, the entire school is affected. It is very significant to be able to control  such actions as this can affect the students aspiring to join the school in  future. The answer to school violence does not lie with one person but  with every  individual close to the students.


The school administration holds the most responsibility when it comes to stopping school violence. These activities happens largely in  schools therefore the first initiative should be from the management who must administer  measures like employing well trained security guards, ensuring a tight security  check by using metal detectors and giving proper punishment where a student has been found  accountable for committing  a crime while in school.


It is essential for the school management to uphold discipline in school because  such kind of activities would not be witnessed. Therefore the school should take pre and post measure to cub  problem of school violence. Forexample,when students are reporting to school checking can be done at the entrance to find out if any student is in possession of a weapon. If so,  he/she should be reported to the management immediately and strict actions taken on him


 The school management must then administer strict measures such as expelling the student from  school and then involve his parents. This can be a warning to other students trying to bring violent behavior to school. If a student repeats the same misconduct behavior, in this case the government can be involved by having the student arrested fo causing chaos in school.


A counselor or psychiatrist can also be involved which is one of the best way of preventing violent actions in schools. This is so because a counselor understands best  such issues and is in a better position to offer advice and help to the affected child. Children always finds it easy to talk to other people rather than their parents as they tend to feel that they do not understand them fully.


Love and affection is another remedy which should be given both at school and homes. Detentions can also be administered as a way of occupying the mind of a child in doing positive activities such as stydying. This is because a student who is much involved in doing wrong things at all time does not perform well in school work. Through this he/she will not only be occupid in learning for exams bbyt will also get to evaluate on his misconduct. The above solution can help much when it comes to finding the solution against such problems in schools. It should be noted that  a child is more/less like a pot,therefore, it is everyone's obligation to mold  their future.