Why Not Start a Safe School Student Committee

The office of the Minister of Education and Training in Canada recognized that combating school violence was something that everyone needed to get involved in, including students. It is because of this that they worked with the Safe School Task Force to create a guide of ideas for students on how to help keep their schools safe by starting a Safe School Student Committee.

The purpose of the Safe School Student Committee is to get students involved in the safety of their school through common projects that they work on together as well as with the help of teachers, principles, local police and anyone else that may be able to help you. The booklet gives you ideas on how you can go about starting your committee and getting others involved in the cause. It stresses the importance of getting everyone involved and not excluding certain people or groups. To make this committee successful you really do need to reach out to anyone and everyone who is interested in helping you eliminate school violence and crime.

One of the most rewarding things about starting a Safe School Student Committee is seeing your goals reached. It’s encouraged that the committee work together to set goals along the way not only for a better shot at success but also because of the positive and uplifting impact that reaching your goals has. The booklet mentions the fact that “success breeds success” and this is absolutely true. By getting everyone involved and giving everyone a role to play within the committee, every goal reached offers a sense of accomplishment that inspires them and those around them to keep on going and to do more and more.

The guide also offers advice on how to get the word out about your Safe School Student Committee and what you are doing to help make your school safer. It suggests making a movie about your committee and the work you’re all doing so that others can be made more aware and even be inspired to do the same. Imagine the difference that you can make by putting together a Safe School Student Committee in your school. And the best part of this all is the fact that it shows you first hand the power you really do have over something like school violence which often makes people feel powerless.

If you want to make your school safer but never really knew how to go about it or where to begin, then a Safe School Student Committee is the answer that you and your fellow school mates have been looking for. It doesn’t take much to make a positive impact when it comes to school violence and this guide makes it even easier.