Keeping vigilance of school violence

The problem of school violence is becoming very critical day by day and it is something that cannot be ignored. After all, it would be at the risk of your child’s life and future. This is the problem that needs due care and attention because a child is involved into it. Children are regarded as the country’s future and if they start getting violent at an early age, then just imagine what would be the future of our country after a few years? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? It is a very serious matter and therefore, a proper check has to be done on this issue.

School violence includes different unacceptable deeds such as gang war, bullying, fights, theft, vandalism, usage of weapons etc. Most of the acts of school violence take place in the school premises. Children practicing school violence hamper their personal studies and at the same time they also hamper the entire peaceful environment of the school. They create disturbance in the other child’s studies, as well.

Possible reasons for a child to get violent:

  1. Depression and stress- if your little master suffers from heavy depression or stress, then there are increased chances of him being violent.
  2. Environment in the house- home is where the child resides and learns most of the basics of behavior. If in this place, he does not receive love, affection and support, then the possibilities of getting violent increases. On the other hand, if the parents of a child keep on fighting with each other or beat one another or use abusive language, then naturally, the child imitates the same in the school. He may not be able to show his violence at home due to many reasons, but he will try to show it in the school or in his peer group to gain fame.
  3. Company- If your kid has a peer group that is engaged in violent activities, there are chances that the kid will become violent, as well. This is so, as the company in which the child lives has a great effect on his lifestyle and thinking.

Kids become violent at a very small age; this is a matter of great concern. However you can follow some steps to reduce the level of this behavior in your kid:

  1. Supporting the child- spend maximum time with him and offer assistance, guidance and support to him, as needed. The child will definitely enjoy your company.
  2. Love and compassion- if you come to know that your kid is showing violent behavior in the school, then you can control him at an early stage by giving him love, compassion and affection. There is however no cure for violent behavior, only love and affection can do miracles in a number of cases.
  3. Helping in times of depression- if your kid suffers from depression, stress or anxiety, try to interact with him, help him in all possible ways and give support whenever needed.
  4. Counselors and psychiatrists- take help of these professionals to deal with depression and anxiety and take your child out of those violent behavior and attitudes.