Fight back school violence


School violence is quite common these days as students resort to aggressive and violent means in order to vent their anger. There are cases where students are going through a very depressive phase and neither the teachers nor the parents get aware of it and the student at some point vents out his/her anger by resorting to gun violence wherein other students are hurt and even killed. With immense peer pressure and competition, students are very prone to getting disturbed and resorting to violence. Hence, it is very essential that we fight back school violence and take all effective means to curb it and wipe it out completely.
Teachers should develop a healthy relation with the students whereby the students can freely approach the teacher if there is any matter or another student’s behaviour bothering him/her. If students can see in their teachers’ an elderly friend and guide, they can go up to them to vent out any problems disturbing them. In this way, the student’s anger and resentment can be channelized well rather than getting bottled up within and exploding in a violent manner.
Students should be trained to manage anger. There should be anger management workshops held from time to time so that students can learn to deal with their anger and aggression in a positive manner. It has become very essential in today’s times as students face a lot of peer pressure, competitive studies and are exposed to too much violent media in the form of television programs, computer games and other forms.
Parents should see to it that their students do not watch a lot of television at home and avoid watching violent films or programs. They must also restrict them from playing violence-oriented games on the computer which can make them aggressive in their behaviour. Regularly conversing with them about their activities in school, giving them proper love and affection and inculcating values of love, humility, compassion and forgiveness by setting proper examples at home can go a long way in shaping the right mentality of a child. Parents should act as proper role models and never behave in aggressive manner or fight with each other in front of their children. Children learn a lot from what they see.
Teachers should meet parents regularly and update them on their child’s behaviour and performance in class. Parents can also develop a good bond with the clerical staff and security guards of the school so that when they notice any improper behaviour or attitude in their children during breaks or before and after school hours, these staff members can let the parents know about it.  
Teachers should encourage students to take care of each other. In case any student notices another fellow student seeming low, depressive, aggressive or violent on little matters, any form of weapon with the student, or any danger signal, the student can immediately bring the matter into the eyes of the class teacher who should then inform the parents and find out if there is something wrong with the child who is behaving in this odd manner and proper counselling should be given to that child.
We have to fight back school violence in every possible manner so that our children grow up in a positive atmosphere and turn out to be good human beings.