Violence in our schools is increasingly becoming a major threat and the effects are so biting harder and harder that it cannot be easily ignored. Using United States as a point of reference, almost all the schools have one or two story to tell about one form of violence or the other. These incidence ranges from teasing, bullying and assaults on other students or staff. To proffer solution to this worrisome issue, individual homes should be the first point of call. Nothing can be truer than the saying that says “charity begins at home”. Home, being the first place for every child to enroll, parents has a lot to do for laying a solid foundation, having put this in place, only little effort will be required to add a lasting structure in the main school. A season psychologists and counselor, if engaged by parents can as well add his/her own quota directly/indirectly to the growth and development of the child. It is also the responsibility of the parents to create an atmosphere free of strife, stress and tension to enhance conducive and effective atmosphere suitable for learning. Extra-curricular activities being an integral part of education will enhance the creativity of the child in his/her natural habitat. Most importantly, parents should always demonstrate their tender love, affections and encouragement toward their kids. If all these are effectively operational, children might be far from violence.


To curb violence in our schools system, the following measure can be taken by the school administrators and their member of staff:


Having made several attempts to fix same identifiable issue without a meaningful headway even in the conducive environment, the services of the counselors could be sort.


It is agreeable that all work without play makes jack a dull boy. To guide against dullness and boredom of the brain therefore, school should make compulsory periods of extra curriculum activities. Apart from the fact that it is a vital part of learning, creativity and talents can be discovered there and then.


To enhance the safety of life and property, the schools should seek the service f some trained guards, install at certain places metal detectors to sniff out deadly weapons from their hideouts. This could be called preemptive system.


As long as there should be some calculated freedom, the corresponding limitation should be published. Any erring student should face the attendance penalties; this of course will serve as deterrent to the potential others.


Parents- teachers’ relationship should be nothing less than intimacy with effective communication. Anything short of this will be counter productive which they invariably tell on the children. The best the parents and teachers can do for the sake of posterity is to love care and guide the children in their custody through a proper upbringing.