Security as a major factor in preventing school violence

The United States of America considers school violence a major issue that needs to be stopped immediately.  School violence not only disrupts a child’s learning environment, it also becomes troublesome for principals, students, teacher and parents.  It also deprives a child from having a bright future.  Instead of spending time studying, children are paying more attention towards certain kinds of negative attitude.  Children learn to use weapons in schools to kill other students, they bully and threaten other students, and they even start fights with teachers and student.  Such is the true face of school violence.

Both parents and the school administration should exert efforts in correcting such violent behavior among students.  The question is how can we prevent such incidents of school violence from occurring?  As history has taught us, violence is not a kind of problem that can be solved with strength alone.  Violence in itself is considered to be in a person’s nature, and one knows that this can’t be change instantly.  The only and sure way to reduce such violent behavior is to give proper guidance, support and love to children.

Preventing or reducing violence can be done in a number of various ways.  Among these, the most important in stopping school violence is security.  Schools should be equipped with proper security details along with a good ratio of guards-to-students.  These guards are responsible for watching over the students and ensuring over-all safety within the school.  This can be achieved by conducting regular checks of student’s lockers and bags.  In an event that a guard finds any kind of suspicious object or weapon on a student, they should report it to higher authorities while taking a strict and firm action against it.

In case a violent activity of any kind erupts, the guards should be able to stop it and inform the higher authorities about the incident.  With proper training, guards will be able to deal with such kind of incidents in an efficient and professional manner.  Schools in turn should make a firm stand, and impose strict actions against students who take part in any violent activity within the school.  With strict actions being imposed, students will most likely be scared in copying such acts of violence, and in turn prevents reoccurring incidents of school violence.

Federal agencies should be concerned about the accessibility of weapons.  The increasing incident of school violence is due to the fact that weapons are easily accessible to children and are readily available.  As a general rule of thumb, deadly weapons should be kept away from the reach of children.  Because of the lax in restrictions regarding the availability of weapons, incidents of school violence like the Columbine High School massacre, Virginia Tech Tragedy and the Bath School disaster happened.  To stop such incidents from reoccurring, the government must make an effort in placing stricter rules and restriction when it comes to possessing a weapon.

It is not entirely impossible to put a stop to school violence.  If both the parents and the school work together in providing proper guidance to children, all the while grooming them with the right attitude and proper career, then certainly school violence will be just a thing of the past.