Detailed overview of school violence


What exactly school violence means?
School violence is the violence occurring in schools. It includes aspects like rape, theft, bullying other students, threatening them and killing them. This kind of violence not only disturbs the school atmosphere but it also hampers the growth of child. Children are responsible for the nation’s growth and if a nation is having such kind of violent children then it becomes impossible for the nation to grow effectively. So, steps should be taken by schools and parents to reduce such kind of inhumane attitude among school going kids.
Are children born violent?
The answer to this question is no. Nobody is born violent. A child becomes violent due to the circumstances. Children can learn things fast and quickly and if they are born and brought up in the violent environment then they will learn violence too. So, it becomes very important for the child’s future to provide him/her a comfortable and healthy environment.
Both home and school are responsible for shaping the child’s future so both should make an effort to provide right kind of environment to the kids. If a child is born and brought up in right environment then it will be very helpful in shaping the child’s future. A bright future will provide satisfaction to the child, parents and to the schools. It will lead to nation’s growth as well. If a child is not having a bright future then it will lead to dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction can bring depression. So if you want to save children from depression then steps should be taken before hand to prevent such kind of violent attitude among children.
Now you must be thinking that is there any medicine available to cure this violent attitude?
No medicine is available in the market that can reduce or can cure violent attitude among children. It can only be done by adopting ways like-
·       Providing love and care to the children.
·       Helping them in solving their difficulties.
·       If they want to have any kind of external help then the external help of counselors and psychiatrists can be provided to them. They are the kind of people who are having specialization in fields like child psychology etc.
·       If a child is facing any difficulty in choosing career then you can take the help of career counselors. These people are having detailed knowledge about every field and they know about the booming sectors.
·       You can take the help of internet as well. Large numbers of websites are providing detailed knowledge about school violence. Instructions and guidance related to teachers, parents and students are available on the websites. These websites can help a lot in reducing or in preventing school violence.
·       Schools should take strict action against the students who are doing any kind of violent act in schools. Taking strict actions against such thing prevents the reoccurring of violent behavior in schools.
All these above written steps can help you a lot in reducing or preventing school violence.