Problems faced due to school violence


Nowadays violence is becoming a big problem in schools. Most of the schools are badly suffering from this problem. If we look at the graph then we will find that the incidences related to school violence are increasing in number day by day. This factor alone is enough to force us to take this matter seriously.
It is a fact that any type of violence is very dangerous for the school’s environment and social environment as well. If it is not checked well in time, then it can lead to serious consequences later on. But why are such incidences occurring? What are the reasons responsible for such mischievous acts? These are few questions that require immediate attention. For answering these questions, it is important to find know fully about school violence as well as the problems that are faced due to school violence.
In simpler terms, school violence is any act of violence done by students to harm their fellow students or teachers. The intensity of the problem can be judged from the fact that it involves not just harm or injury but even murder of the person. That is the reason why it is considered as the biggest problem these days. It puts direct affect on the students who are responsible for shaping the future of the country. So due to school violence not just the life of any individual is affected but it puts the future of whole country in danger as well.
The following are few problems faced to school violence:
  1. Insecure environment at school: Due to school violence, the environment of schools is not considered safer for other students or even teachers or other staff members. Because of this, a sense of insecurity develops in the minds of parents which force them to think whether they should send their child to schools for studies or not.
  2. Adverse impact on studies: the incidences of school violence put direct impact on the studies of the students. They find it difficult to concentrate on studies. As a result their future gets into dark.
  3. Threat to society: School violence can be seen as the start of criminal career of the students. If students are not checked at this stage then they turn into serious criminals later on and can cause serious threat to the society. Etc.
The above mentioned are just three problems faced due to school violence that are enough to explain why school violence is considered as the most serious issue these days. If corrective measures are not undertaken now, then the days are not very far when most of the parents will not allow their children to go to school for taking education.
In order to avoid school violence, it is important to first study the psychology of the students. It is important to note here that in this direction, both the parents and teachers are required to work together. By the joint efforts, it is sure to find the best solution of this problem.