School violence in public secondary schools


According to a report submitted by National Center for Education Statistics, it is the time to properly highlight the growing incidences of school violence.   If appropriate steps are not taken on time then it will seriously affect the prevailing education system of the U.S.  
The report was submitted after making proper evaluation of all the available aspects.   Initial data was gathered from 2000 secondary schools across various states of America. The data was accumulated in regard of Crime & Safety Survey of Secondary Schools (SSOCS). 
The document submitted by National Center for Education Statistics also emphasized on the relationship between the school violence and the school characteristics. While surveying all the public secondary schools in the list, the report threw light upon demographic characteristics of the schools, administrative practices in the schools and the general school disarray.   
While working on the demographic characteristics the following aspects were examined. It examined the numbers of enrollments in the public secondary schools, location (town, urban fringe, etc), and of course, the neighborhood crime. In the administrative practices, the report verified the student-to-teacher ratio in each class, how and whether often the students changed the classrooms in between the periods.  In addition, the presence of law enforcement personnel in the school was also verified.  The general school disarray accounted those reports that are considered for serious discipline breach, school wide disruptions, transfers, unexcused absences, etc.   
The report clearly divulged that the percentage of school violence in the public secondary schools is significantly higher in contrast to middle schools or elementary schools. As per the survey report, it is estimated that near-by 92% of the public secondary schools report one or more cases of bullying, assault and gang violence.  The report also suggested that the quantity of school wide disruptions and serious discipline breaching incidences are also responsible to promote the cases of fighting, harassment and assaulting. 
Somehow, the report also claimed that the administrative practices are one of the major culprits behind the increasing incidences of violence in public secondary schools.  Most of the children suffering from mental and psychological distress were not satisfied with their school atmosphere. They were also the victim of biasness and seclusion in the class.   
The percentage of males in the student population is also one of the prime factors according to the report.   When it comes to the secondary schools then the percentage of male student population is directly proportional to the incidents of severe violence. 
Besides, it was also notified that the students who were largely involved in discipline breaching incidences were also lagging behind in different forms of class tests and various extra curricular activities organized by the school. 
In short, we can say that the report issued by National Center for Education Statistics clearly revealed some of the root causes behind the increasing number of school violence in public secondary schools. To avail better results it’s necessary to ensure that all the future plans regarding the enhancement of the education system must go in the positive direction.