How to combat school violence?


There have been an increasing number of cases of school violence in the recent past. All parents wish that their child study in an environment that is safe and secure. With the increasing trend of school violence, school authorities have begun to realise that it is an important issue that needs to be addressed and cannot be ignored. Certain steps that can be taken to combat violence in your school are mentioned below.
·        Teachers need to be alert not only in the classrooms but outside it as well. During breaks, there must be some teachers who move around the hallways, cafeteria and in the playground. In case they spot any children using abusive words or acting in an aggressive manner, such students need to be immediately stopped. They need to be counselled in a very tactful manner that such behaviour is not suitable for them as well as other children.
·        In the classroom, if any student is ridiculed or made fun of, then the teacher must reprimand the students for making fun of another student and make very clear that such kind of indiscipline will not be tolerated.
·        In case a student shows constant signs of aggressive behaviour, then his/her parents need to be called to school and informed about their ward’s behaviour. Teachers and parents will have to work in tandem to understand the reason behind the student’s aggressive behaviour and help him/her in coming out of that behaviour through proper counselling and anger management skills.
·        Students should be encouraged to take care of their fellow friends. In case they find someone bullying another student fellow who is weak and timid, then they must report it to their teacher so that the required action can be taken to stop bullying.
·        There should be hidden cameras at places where students spend their time during breaks to monitor if there is any kind of unusual behaviour or violence among students. During breaks, some security guards can be trained to keep a proper check on students by moving around in the hallways and cafeteria areas and inform the school authorities of any kind of indiscipline that is noticed.
·        From time to time, anti-violence workshops can be held where students are trained in anger management skills and to keep a check on their friends who might be timid and subject to bullying by other children. The students need to be involved in the process. If each student decides to take care of his/her fellow friends and inform the teachers and parents if they find their friend feeling low or depressive or showing any signs of suppressed anger and aggression within, then they can look into what’s going on within the mind of the concerned student and help him/her before things get worse.
·        The parents can also help in preventing school violence by actively discussing with their children the day to day activities in school and see whether there is any kind of resentment or animosity in their children’s minds relating to anything in school. Parents can easily find out whether their child is normal or there is something bothering him/her.
The above steps can help in combating school violence in your school area and give the students a safe and secure environment to learn and grow.