Effective Measures Necessary to Check School Violence

The ever increasing occurrence of school violence is becoming an alarming situation, and if it is not checked it could culminate to out break of law and order, the result of which could be of different proportion. The unfortunate incidence causes terror among fellow innocent students, the teachers and also the non teaching staff of the school in question. The consequences of the riot is diverse, ranging from physical harm to victims, setting building ablaze and destroying valuable properties which in turn results to serious loss of properties; at times lives are lost as well. It is very sad that schools that are established for children to receive education and training with a view to making them useful to themselves and the society at large are sometimes being turned into a place where some gangsters unleash terror to the entire community of the school.


The violent students are only looking for an opportunity to launch their attacks; violence erupts on being slightly provoked. Some of the reasons for the provocation may include apprehension to tackle examinations, grudges against some teachers, punishing offending children, introduction of new policies that are in conflicts with the selfish interests of the violent children and a little misunderstanding and heated argument among students. The fundamental question is how can we eliminate this social vise?


The first area of improvement is the school security outfit. The security personnel should make adequate arrangement to identify students that sneak into the school with weapons. Thorough checking must be conducted at the gates of the school to achieve that. Suspicious students with violence tendencies should be kept under close surveillance. This step will contribute in no small measure in arresting the sudden eruption of violence in the schools.


Another valuable measure to be taken is planting cameras to key areas within the school premises to monitor the general conduct of the students. This makes it easier to identify signs of potential violence and arrest it before it breaks. Also adding gargets like metal detectors add efficiency to the security outfits. The security personnel should be adequately equipped to promote efficiency.


The parents also have some roles to play. They should regularly check the psychic of their children to ensure that they are not under any influence or are not adopting certain questionable behaviors and conducts. The parents should make it a point of duty to understand their problems and help them solve them; they should also attend to their needs. They should give them enough love; affection and they should support them warmly.      


The outlined measures should surely and effectively contribute in reducing or possibly eradicating completely the terror of school violence. Though some of them are highly capital intensive, however, considering the fact that eradicating school violence will go a long way in securing the lives and well being of the students, the teachers, the staff as well as the management, and also safeguarding the properties of the school, then it is obvious that implementing the recommendations is worth whatever amount is required to execute it.